85 Synonyms for “Help”

There are so many ways to help — at least eighty-five, I discovered. Here are that number of synonyms and idiomatic phrases for the verb help:

1. Abet: to actively help with an endeavor
2. Accommodate: to offer something, especially to help meet a need or want
3. Advance: to speed up the development of an initiative or cause
4. Advise: to recommend or warn
5. Aid: to provide something necessary to help
6. Alleviate: see relieve, and to help correct or remove a problem
7. Ameliorate: to make better or more manageable
8. Amend: to help by improving
9. Assist: to supplement an effort
10. Attend: to stand ready to help
11. Back: to help with actions or words, or to help financially
12. Backstop: see bolster
13. Bail out: to help someone suffering hardship; also, to abandon an enterprise
14. Ballyhoo: see hype
15. Bear a hand: see “lend a hand”
16. Be of use: see benefit
17. Befriend: to become a friend of
18. Benefit: to be helpful
19. Bolster: to help in order to strengthen
20. Boost: to physically help one up from below, or to help publicly; also, slang for “steal”
21. Buck up: see bolster
22. Buttress: to strengthen figuratively or literally
23. Care for: to help someone recover
24. Champion: to advocate or protect
25. Cheer: to make someone feel better through deeds or words; also, to applaud vocally
26. Comfort: to provide hope or strength, or to console
27. Contribute: to give financial or material help or to provide services
28. Cooperate: to proactively offer help, or to compromise
29. Counsel: see advise
30. Deliver: to convey something to another
31. Ease: to make easier
32. Embolden: to give courage to
33. Encourage: to inspire, or to help by offering a positive comment or making a helpful gesture
34. Endorse: to approve or recommend
35. Facilitate: to help enable something to occur
36. Favor: to give partisan help to someone
37. Forward: see encourage
38. Foster: see encourage and nurture
39. Further: see encourage
40. Go to bat for: see back
41. Guide: see advise, or to show or demonstrate
42. Hearten: see encourage
43. Hype: to provide extravagant publicity
44. Intercede: to become involved on another’s behalf
45. Launch: to help someone start an enterprise
46. Lend a hand: to provide material help
47. Meliorate: see ameliorate
48. Mentor: see advise
49. Minister to: to give help to, especially in terms of emotional or physical needs
50. Mitigate: see relieve and mollify
51. Mollify: to assuage, soften, or soothe
52. Nurture: to help develop
53. Oblige: to indulge a request for help
54. Open doors: to provide help through influence or recommendation
55. Palliate: to reduce discomfort or pain, or to excuse
56. Patronize: to provide help through influence or financial support
57. Plug: see promote
58. Promote: provide help by advertising or by enabling publicity
59. Prop up: see bolster
60. Push: to help in reaching an objective
61. Reinforce: see encourage, or to strengthen
62. Relieve: to remove a burden or obligation, or to take one’s place in performing a task
63. Remedy: see relieve
64. Rescue: to help someone or something harmed, in poor conditions, or in financial straits
65. Restore: to improve by returning to a previous, better condition, or to help rejuvenate
66. Revive: to bring back to life or former improved circumstances
67. Root for: to publicly make positive comments, or to applaud vocally
68. Sanction: to approve, especially in an official capacity; can also mean to ratify, or to censure)
69. Save: see rescue
70. Second: see assist and reinforce
71. See (something) through: to help accomplish or complete a task
72. Serve: to satisfy or supply needs or wants
73. Sponsor: see patronize
74. Stand by: see back
75. Stick up for: see back
76. Stimulate: see restore
77. Stump for: see promote
78. Succor: see relieve
79. Support: see assist and promote
80. Sustain: see assist and relieve
81. Take under (one’s) wing: see patronize
82. Treat: to care for
83. Stand one in good stead: see bolster
84. Uphold: see assist
85. Work for: to help accomplish a goal

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